Past Workshops
WOW - Wicked Oboe Workshop - 5th August 2020
Sponsored by Forton Music
Run by Rachel Broadbent, Reed Specialist - Iona Walker
This was our very first online oboe workshop and was for students from beginner to grade 4 standard. We had 5 wonderful participants who were engaged and participating fully despite a few nerves at the start. Thank you to our wonderful students for making this workshop such fun.
HOW - Holiday Oboe Workshop - 12th August 2020
Sponsored by Forton Music
Run by Rachel Broadbent, Tutor - Philip Haworth, Reed Specialist - Iona Walker
Our first HOW workshop in which we had 12 wonderful young oboists from grade 5 to 8+ to work with. We had one dedicated oboist joining us from the USA and getting up in the middle of the night to join us. Workshops given on Breathing, tonguing, making scales fun, finger twisters, introduction to multiphonics, a reed making workshop and a virtual concert. A busy fun packed day.
Adult Oboe Workshop - 19th August 2020
Sponsored by Forton Music
Lead Tutor - Philip Haworth, Organiser - Rachel Broadbent, Reed Specialist - Iona Walker
Our first adult oboe workshop. We had a wonderful group of enthusiastic adult oboists of all different standards but wonderfully supportive of each other.  The morning was warm ups and a wonderful breathing workshop from Philip. Then the fantastic reed workshop with Iona followed by the virtual concert. The afternoon was a performance workshop, everyone had chance to play some of their piece and advice offered to help them develop. Congratulations to everyone!
Scales don't have to be Boring - 15th February 2021
Tutor - Rachel Broadbent
3 Workshops - Grade 1 to 5, Grade 6 to 8+ and an adult workshop.
Lots of discussion about why students find scales difficult on the oboe. Lots of ideas to try  while online, different rhythms, articulations, new ways to try and learn their scales and then get creative with them once they are known. Lovely to see so many oboists wanting to improve their scales.
Reed Making and Adjusting - 29th March 2021
Tutor - Iona Walker
Mornig - Hand scraping a reed
Afternoon - Adjusting and perfecting an oboe reed
The morning was a lovely introduction to hand scraping a reed. Lots of diagrams and measurements given as guidance. By lunchtime there were lots of crowing oboe reeds ready for the afternoon. During the afternoon session Iona talked everyone through which areas of the reed to scrape to help with different problems along with giving advice to participants particular reed problems. Lovely to see lots of happy, smiling people at the end of a reed making session.
Mini Workshop - 8th April 2021
Tutor - Rachel Broadbent
This was a small workshop for the younger oboists and designed as a little holiday boost. We had a group of players from beginner to grade 5 and we covered many aspects of technique, thought about how to practise, had a group warm up, learned ways to improve our tone, did some breathing exercises and each player performed a piece and got some advice and feedback. The students were wonderful and very knowledgable and it was lovely to see so many well taught young oboists.
Keep in Shape- 8th April 2021
Tutor - Amy Roberts
Amy Roberts, the author of Keeping in Shape for oboe gave an evening workshop all about getting the best from your warm ups. This was full of inspiration and ideas that were tried out in the workshop. Everyone left feeling like they had lots of new ideas to try and incorporate into their regular practice.
Breathing Workshop for Adults - 11th April 2021
Tutor - Philip Haworth

Philip Haworth has a huge knowledge of excercises for developing breathing for oboists and this was passed on in a wonderfully relaxed and gentle way. Hugely informative and a jam packed two hours of exercises and well thought out information that everyone can put into practice in their own playing. I am sure this will become a regular workshop for adult oboists.
Cor Anglais Workshop for Adults - 13th June 2021
Tutor - Maxwell Spiers

It was a joy to welcome Maxwell Spiers to give a much requested Cor Anglais workshop. Everyone enjoyed his gentle approach and his wonderful demonstrations. Much cor anglais wisdom was passed on during this 2.5 hour workshop and three lovely players did masterclass sessions with Maxwell to get feedback personal to them. I am sure we will be welcoming Maxwell back in the future for more of his wise words.