Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Virtual Ensemble?

In total there will be 4 virtual oboe ensembles created from these courses, one from each course then a virtual group with players from all three courses. Rachel Broadbent will be doing some special arrangements for you all to have lots of fun with. As the courses are online and we don't get to play together properly we wanted you to all have something to take away from the courses. Once you have taken part you will need to record your parts for the two pieces you have received by playing along with the click track but we will send really clear step by step instructions.  Once completed you send us your recordings and Iona, the technical whizz on the team turns the recording into a multiscreen performance which will be uploaded to our You Tube channel.

Will my booking be guaranteed once I have sent in the booking form?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a place until the course fee has been paid.

How do we pay for the course?

Once you have submitted the booking form you will be sent a paypal invoice. Please pay as soon as possible after receiving the invoice as the place on the course is not guaranteed until payment has been received. You do not need to have an account with paypal to pay the invoice but if you do have any problems then please do contact us straight away.

Why are you recording the courses?

With Zoom there is the option to record meetings onto a cloud and we shall be doing this. The reason is that if any of our participants has a technical failure on the day of the course they won't have to miss out. After the course we can send them recordings of the classes so they can still take part.

Are your tutors DBS checked?

Any tutors used for any workshops via this website will be DBS checked and regularly working in music education which means they are regularly checked and have taken all the up to date courses via the education establishments that they work in.